What Do We Do?

The City Attorney's Office provides the following legal services on behalf of the City of Wichita Falls:

  • Provides legal advice to the City Council, City Manager, boards and commissions, and all City operations on complex and varied legal matters.
  • Drafts and reviews all ordinances, resolutions, and contracts for the City Council.
  • Represents the City's legal interests in litigation, including drafting and filing legal documents, negotiating agreements and settlements, and helping achieve mutually beneficial solutions for all parties.
  • Advises the City Council and staff on real estate, right-of-way, and other real property transactions.
  • Advises on open records requests to promote open government and transparency.
  • Conducts legal research as directed by the City Council on relevant topics, issues, services, and programs.
  • Ensures the City of Wichita Falls operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Represents the State of Texas in all criminal and civil matters in the Wichita Falls Municipal Court of Record.


This office provides effective legal representation in defense of lawsuits filed against the City of Wichita Falls. However, this service does not extend to providing legal advice to citizens on personal issues. The assistance of a private attorney may be required.