Utility Service Rate Table

How Water is Measured for billing

Water is billed in 100 Cubic Ft. also known as a consumption. Each consumption equals 748 gallons.

Residential Water Rates

Water Consumption Charges Cost Per Consumption
First 2 Consumptions $3.64
Next 8 Consumptions $3.81
Next 10 Consumptions $3.99
Next 20 Consumptions $4.31
Next 20 Consumptions $4.61
Next 600 Consumptions $4.89

Commercial Water Consumption Charges

Each Consumption $3.90

Residential and Commercial Base Rates

Meter Size Minimum Bill
5/8 Inch $17.91
1Inch $36.28
1 1/2 Inch $66.89
2 Inch $103.62
2 1/2 Inch $133.16
3 Inch $189.37
4 Inch $311.84
6 Inch $618.00
8 Inch $1,095.64
10 Inch $1,708.10

How to Calculate the Residential Water Charge on Your Bill

Take the base rate of the size of your meter and add consumption usage based on the rate chart above.
For example:
5/8 Inch Meter= $17.91 plus Consumptions, which if you used 5 would = 2 consumptions @ $3.64 plus 3 consumptions @$3.81 = $36.62

Meter Size Cost + Consumptions = Total Bill

Sanitary Sewer Charges

The Charge for sanitary sewer rates shall be determined by water consumption. For each residential user, the monthly sewer charge for each billing from April through the following March shall be the same, and shall be based on the average monthly water usage billed in the preceding months of January, February and March.

For all Retail users except residential users, the monthly sewer charge shall be based on the monthly water usage billed in the same month.

Sewer Rates
Minimum Bill (0 Consumption) $7.53
Volume Charge Per 100 Cubic Feet $1.75

Water Rates for Wholesale Customers

Category Per 1000 Gallons Per 100 Cubic Feet
Treated Water Transmitted (TWT) N/A $1.5530
Treated Water Only (TWO) Sole Source SAFB N/A $2.0533
Treated Water Only (TWO) Sole Source Iowa Park N/A $2.1562
Raw Water Only (RWO) $0.1914 N/A
Raw Water Transmitted (RWT) $0.2258 N/A

Note: 100 Cubic Feet = 748 Gallons