Business Disaster Planning

Your business like your home needs to have disaster planning. How quickly your business can get back to normal may depend on planning done before disaster strikes.
  • Know what kinds of emergencies might affect your business.
  • Know how your business functions.
  • Review your business process flow chart, if one exists.
    • Identify critical operations.
    • Keep a list of suppliers and critical business contractors you might use in an emergency.
    • Plan on what you would do if you cannot physically reach your place of business.
  • Develop a plan so you and your employees can communicate before and after a disaster. Have an out of town telephone number so employees can leave a message that they are okay.
  • Develop wallet cards for employees so they have quick access to important numbers.
  • Stay alert to potential threats. Keep a NOAA Weather Radio in a location where it can be heard when your business is open.
  • Keep duplicates of important records in a location away from the business site.
  • Determine in advance, where and how you would shelter your employees and customers if you had to Shelter In Place.
  • Provide training to your employees so they know what to do in a disaster. Practice your disaster plan.
  • Plan ahead for utility disruptions.
  • Prepare for a utility disruption.
  • Determine in advance what equipment and documents needs to be secured in case of a disaster.
  • Promote family and individual preparedness.
  • Review your insurance coverage to insure that it is adequate to your needs.
Caring for Important Documents