Public Safety Dispatch Academy

In September 2019, the State of Texas recognized Public Safety Dispatchers as First Responders.

Are you interested in a rewarding career and finding a job that gives you purpose? Are you searching for something that allows you to make a difference in the lives of others? Then, serving your community by becoming a Public Safety Dispatcher is your right choice! This career allows you to work in a team-focused environment, driven by the desire to ensure the safety of the public and work closely with members of the Wichita Falls Police Department, Wichita Falls Fire Department, the Wichita County Sheriff's Office, and many other agencies and departments. Each day is different, exciting and rewarding. This position answers multiple emergency and non-emergency lines and monitors radio channels. You will assist in gathering/disseminating information, answering questions, and dispatching or transferring calls to units, departments, or other agencies. The foundation of our department is a close-knit, hardworking team of individuals who live to serve the public and our community. Our department promotes from within and fosters the development of our team. We are continually searching for diverse, positive, and motivated individuals who wish to start their careers in public service. If that describes you, then join our team!

Initial Timeline

  • Applications will be taken through the City website.
  • Applicants will receive a pre-employment questionnaire and a link to a typing test with a submission deadline.
  • Applicants who submit the pre-employment questionnaire and typing certificate, and pass a soft background check will be invited to proceed with pre-employment skills testing followed by interviews.
  • Testing and interviews will be scheduled individually with candidates between January 2nd and February 9th.
  • Spring Academy's projected start date is March 11, 2024.

Pre-Employment Skills Testing

  • Testing will consist of a typing test that can be taken at home or in person and a critical thinking skills test that will be administered in person. This process will take approximately two (2) hours, and applicants should be prepared to remain at the PS Training Center during the entire process. Below are links for potential applicants to practice before their skills test.

Criticall skills testing will consist of Data Entry (audio), Call Summarization, Cross-Referencing, Memory Recall, Prioritization, Map Reading, Sentence Clarity, and Decision-Making.

A typing speed between 25-35 WPM is required - Applicant should practice typing utilizing symbols and numbers, focusing on speed and accuracy. Hired candidates must meet a minimum typing speed of 40 WPM by the end of their Dispatch Academy.

Interviews and Personal History Statement 

  • Once candidates complete the Criticall testing, they will be scheduled for an interview and provided a copy of the Personal History Statement (PHS). The PHS is due at the time of the candidate's scheduled interview. Copies of the PHS may also be picked up from the Human Resources Office located at 1300 7th, Room 100 (940) 761-7615.
  • Complete packets to the best of your ability. There are few automatic bases for rejection, and prior misconduct, terminations, or arrests may not be an automatic disqualifier. However, deliberate omissions and misstatements can result in a denial of the application or failure of background investigation.
  • If there are questions about the information needed, you may contact (940) 720-5059 to speak with the Dispatch Training Coordinator.
  • Personal History Statements (PHS) must be notarized and turned in at the candidate's scheduled interview.

Background Investigation Process

  • Candidates selected for the background investigation process will be assigned a background investigator.
  • Candidates are encouraged to ensure the individuals listed as references are available to speak to the candidate's assigned background investigator.
  • The candidate will also meet and have a background interview with their investigator on the Personal History Statement information.
  • A legal review of the findings of the hiring process and a final decision will be made on applicants who will continue in the recruitment process.

Job Offer

  • If a candidate is provided a conditional job offer with an intent to hire, the candidate must pass a Psychological evaluation, Physicals, and Drug Screening. Each of these screenings will be scheduled individually with the remaining candidates.
  • Once passing results are received, candidates will be contacted directly to be extended the official job offer.

Any candidate selected for hire will begin their career as a Public Safety Dispatch Trainee. Each activity level is paid for as they move through training, and each will start their career as a Public Safety Dispatch Trainee. As they move through training, each group of training is paid for. Each will move the Trainee closer to completing certification with TCIC/NCIC, Basic Telecommunicator/TCOLE Certifications, and finally becoming a licensed Public Safety Dispatcher.

Entry pay for Public Safety Dispatch Trainee is $18.83 during the training process.
Upon completion of training and licensing individuals will be moved to pay band 111 with starting pay of $20.77

Individuals must obtain a TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) Telecommunicator Operator License within one year of hire or date. If you are already a licensed TCOLE Telecommunicator, please get in touch with HR before you apply for details on applying for a certified position.


The Police Department uses Bidding and Seniority and needs to determine schedules. Although training will initially occur during the day, it will eventually progress to other shifts. An expectation of a day shift and being off on weekends or holidays should not be taken by any applicant.

This position requires regular and reliable attendance in compliance with given schedules. Schedules may be subject to change with or without advance notice.

Additional Compensation and Benefits can be viewed by clicking here.