Home Preparedness

In addition to the actions taken by your City government to prepare to respond to emergencies, each individual and each family needs to prepare for emergencies. 

Wichita Falls experiences severe weather in the form of tornadoes, thunderstorms, prolong drought, extreme heat, flash floods, straight line winds and winter storms to mention a few of the weather events that can affect our lives.  Wichita Falls is also located on several major transportation routes that carry large amounts of freight, some of which could be hazardous if improperly handled.

You can take several steps to protect yourself and your family from emergencies that might occur.  You are invited to look at the web pages on Home Disaster Plan, Home Disaster Kit, and Your Pet Disaster Plan.  The Red Cross also has information on actions that you can do to make yourself and your family safer.

Home Disaster Plan
Home Disaster Kit
Your Pet's Disaster Plan