2018 Street Bond

Maplewood Avenue Extension and Widening

The project will provide an additional, alternative connection between Lawrence Road and McNiel Avenue.  The construction will widen Maplewood as a 4-lane street all the way between Lawrence Road and McNiel Avenue.  The extension will relieve Lawrence Road shopping district traffic congestion and improve transportation network connectivity. Construction began January 2020. Expected completion is Spring 2021.

Maplewood Extension
Taft Boulevard Widening

The project will help reduce congestion on nearby collectors and arterials by providing an alternative transportation route. The widening will improve the safety of the narrow roadway for the current level of traffic along with improving the overall drainage. Construction is expected to begin Spring 2021.

Taft Widening

Rehabilitation of Various City Streets

The remaining funds were dedicated to street overlays for asphalt roads. City streets were selected based on PCI (Pavement Condition Index), pavement age, types of pavement distresses, type of street (residential, collector, arterial), and traffic loads. The City maintains over 540 miles of existing roadways.   More than 70% of our pavement area is greater than 20 years old and our current annual budget only allowed us to rehab less than 1% of our pavement per year. The City completed $7.7M of annual asphalt street rehabilitation in 2019 and 2020.