How to Ride

How do I buy a pass?

Bus passes are purchased at the Transit Office located at 2100 Seymour Highway. Take the elevator or stairs down and follow the signs that read Bus Pass until you reach the FallsRide offices. Click here for the cost of a fare.

How do I pay a fare?

To pay a bus fare you will board the bus and place your money into the fare box or hand your pass/transfer to the driver for verification before taking a seat. Drivers are not allowed to handle fares or make change.

How do I read a schedule?

One weekday afternoon you decide to leave the Wichita Falls Public Library and travel to Castaway Cove Water Park for the remainder of the afternoon. Turn to the system map and find the route(s) that travels nearest to the Library and the Water Park. This trip is best served by the BLUE EASTSIDE ROUTE. The schedule includes a map of the route. The map shows the names of the streets traveled along the route as well as the direction the bus travels on these streets.

In this example you would board the bus at the Library, which is a scheduled stop at the 10th minute of every hour. You would need to get off the bus at the Water Park, which is a bus stop but does not have a specific time of arrival.

Reading across the top row, you will find the names of the key designated stops along the route. Read down the column beneath Public Library; choose the most convenient departure time, perhaps 12:10 PM. Now read directly across from 12:10 PM, you will not find a time the bus arrives at the Water Park since it is not a scheduled stop. The next nearest scheduled stop is at US 287 at Wayfarer at 12:45 PM, one stop after passing the Water Park. The bus will stop at the Water Park, and you can assume you will arrive a few minutes before 12:45 PM.

One of the simplest rules for using timetables is to read down the departure times and across for arrival times. In some cases, when you are not getting on or off the bus at a scheduled stop, you will need to add or subtract a few minutes to the listed time of the closest key designated stops you will board or get off the bus.

Additional route and schedule information can be obtained by calling one of our information tellers at 761-7433. Go to for a complete list of routes.

How do I ride public transportation?

Buses pick up passengers only at designated stops that can be identified by bus stop signs. Arrive at your pick up point at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Signal the driver by waving your arm or standing by the bus stop route signs.

When the bus approaches, look at the route color and name located above the windshield to make sure you are boarding the correct bus. If you're not sure, ask the driver. Have your fare or pass ready to deposit. When the bus comes to a complete stop, wait for passengers to exit before boarding. Place your money into the fare box or hand your pass/transfer to the driver for verification before taking a seat. Drivers are not allowed to handle fares or make change.

Ask the driver for a transfer if your trip requires you to ride a second bus. The transfer is good for one hour from the time it is issued. Give the transfer to the driver of the second bus you board. When the bus is approximately one block away from your stop, pull the signal strip located beside the window, or verbally inform the driver. Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and then exit through the door.

Be sure you have all your belongings with you. It is recommended you wait on the curb until the bus has pulled away before attempting to cross the street. Never cross in front of or behind a standing bus.

Do you have bus service on Sundays?

The only route that operates on Sunday's is the Sheppard Express

Hours of Service?

5:30am – 7:30pm (Monday to Friday), 10:30am – 5:30pm (Saturday).

How many carry on bags can I take on the bus?

Maximum of 2 bags.

Do you have door-to-door service?

No, we provide curb-to-curb service.

Do you have wheel chair lifts on buses?

Yes, all buses are lift equipped.