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The Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition targets youth in its tobacco prevention efforts. There are educational programs such as TATU and CATCH My Breath.  Our prevention efforts in Wichita County include #BreathefreeWC to help reduce second hand smoking in cars with kids, as well as local ordinances passed by the city council to aid in these efforts.  The youth in Wichita County are also using their voice to activate change regarding Tobacco21, a movement across the United States that would change the legal age of Tobacco use to 21.  See attached News feed- #activatechange

TATU is an evidence based education program offered through the American Lung Association, called Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU). This is a mentor/mentee program where TPCC staff teaches adult mentors, teachers, and other adult leaders, to teach youth to become leaders/mentors.
Programs and Services
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Catch my Breathe

The CATCH My Breath Youth E-cigarette Prevention Program’s goal is to increase students’ knowledge of E-cigarettes, nicotine and addiction dangers while cutting their intended use of the product in the future. Our aim is to inform and educate teachers, parents, and health professionals in the school/after-school setting to equip students with answers about E-cigarettes to make informed decisions.

CATCH My Breath includes active student-centered learning facilitated by peer leaders. The program offers in-class activities, teacher education, online resources, and take-home materials for parents. The program is based on state of the art tobacco awareness and prevention best-practices and is being evaluated for outcome evidence. The curriculum consists of 6 lessons at 20-30 minutes each.


The program’s key learning objectives include: knowledge of E-cigarettes and potential harms, understanding and analyzing deceptive advertising techniques, developing and practicing socially acceptable refusal skills and practicing peer modeling techniques in small groups.

Specifically, the intended outcomes are to ensure that students will:
Understand that E-cigarettes are addictive, unhealthy and not as popular as they think.
Resist their own curiosity and peer pressure to experiment with E-cigarettes.
Influence friends and peers to not use E-cigarettes.

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Tobacco Cessation

The Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition wants to help others in the community to quit using tobacco.  We offer quit classes-Freshstart, SCRIPT, and Project EX.  Freshstart is for any participant (over age 18) in our community that would like to quit using tobacco.  SCRIPT is geared towards helping pregnant women quit using tobacco.  We also will work with any youth (under 18) in our community that would like to quit tobacco use as well through our Project Ex curriculum.



Fresh Start is a participant guided course that will enrich your current quitting tobacco efforts with evidence-based curriculum! Classes will be held at the Public Health District from 12pm-1pm in the TPCC Classroom. There are 4 classes per course, each participant must attend all 4 classes, this will complete the evidence based module of the program and help each participant be the most successful with their quit attempts.  Each class must have at least 4 participants.

                                                         Dates for Fall/Winter 2018
                                                              September: 11, 13, 18, 20
                                                                November: 6, 8, 13, 15

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SCRIPT® is an award-winning, evidence-based program shown to be effective in helping thousands of pregnant women quit smoking. 

It is designed to be a component of a patient education program for prenatal care providers, and is cited by the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality’s Smoking Cessation Clinical Practice Guidelines. SCRIPT® counseling is a reimbursable service under the Patient and Affordable Care Act. 

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 Programs and Services
 What is Project EX?

Project EX is a school-based, tobacco-use cessation program for high school youth (ages 14-19 years). The program is delivered in a clinic setting, and involves enjoyable, motivating activities such as games, mock talk shows, and yoga. At the completion of the program, youth will be able to:

• Stop or reduce cigarette smoking
• State accurate information about environmental, social physiological, and emotional consequences of tobacco use

Students participating in Project EX will learn accurate knowledge of tobacco addiction and disease and develop an empathetic understanding of the effects of tobacco use on friends. The 8-session curriculum is delivered over a 6-week period. It emphasizes coping with stress, dealing with nicotine withdrawal, relaxation techniques, and how to avoid relapse. It aims to teach self-control, anger management, mood management, and goal setting techniques, and it provides self-esteem enhancement. Project EX has proved successful when implemented with students from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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We offer training to all our community partners that are interested in offering prevention or cessation services to the community or would like to help make Wichita County a Tobacco Free Community!

We can provide presentations regarding Tobacco awareness, the local ordinance, motivational interviewing and much more.  Contact us below!

When joining with the Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition, we can help support you in your endeavors as well as offer support in the community.  Join TPCC!

With state wide partners like TXSAYWHAT!, Texans Standing Tall, the TRUTH initiative, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, and other great resources we can make tobacco history! 


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