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The Wichita County TPCC is a grant from the Department of State Health Services that has been charged with the duty of curbing tobacco use rates in Wichita County by 5% in 5 years.  This is a part of the Wichita Falls Community Health Assessment (CHA) and the Wichita Falls Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  The grant offers many services and programs free of charge to the public to aid in the effort to reduce smoking rates in Wichita County.

The money for the TPCC grant comes from the 1998 Master Tobacco Settlement.

 The Strategic Plan Framework guides our plan on how we are going to implement the changes necessary to meet the goals stated in the CHIP and CHA.

Strategic Plan Framework

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TPCC strategic planning is an ongoing process.  As such, the strategic plan is not an inflexible blueprint, but an adaptive process that changes as new information and outside factors emerge.  Results from updates of the needs assessment and evaluations of different activities may lead to changes in programs and focus.  In general, the goals, strategies, and associated actions that make up the strategic and action plans are aimed at addressing problems stemming from tobacco use in the community.  A number of factors are considered when making strategic decisions.

These are the strategies Wichita County TPCC plans to employ to reach our 6 Program goals.

Goal 1:  Prevent tobacco use among young people.
Strategy 1.1: Implement Youth Programming in schools and other places.
Strategy 1.2: Enhance advertising campaign to target youth.
Strategy 1.3: Increase size and diversity of Wichita County Youth Coalition.

Goal 2:  Promote compliance and support adequate enforcement of federal, state, and local tobacco laws.
Strategy 2.1: Successfully recruit Wichita County law enforcement agency.
Strategy 2.2: Work toward retail compliance.
Strategy 2.3: Recruit at least one member of law enforcement agency on Wichita County TPCC.

Goal 3:  Increase Cessation among Young People and Adults.
Strategy 3.1: Expand Cessation programs.
Strategy 3.2: Develop additional assessment for new cessation programs.
Strategy 3.3: Continue to promote E-protocol within Wichita County health care Centers.

Goal 4:  Eliminate Exposure to Secondhand Smoke.
Strategy 4.1: Work towards a smoke free Wichita County.
Strategy 4.2: Work to reduce exposure to second hand smoke in automobiles.
Strategy 4.3: Promote Model Tobacco Free Campus Policy.

Goal 5:  Reduce Tobacco Use among Populations with the Highest Burden of Tobacco-Related Health Disparities.
Strategy 5.1: Target FQHCs for TPCC’s programmatic efforts.
Strategy 5.2: Enhance partnership with Indigent Care Program.
Strategy 5.3: Recruit medical community for coalition membership.

Goal 6:  Develop and Maintain Capacity for Comprehensive Tobacco Prevention and Control.
Strategy 6.1: Work towards autonomy of Coalition.
Strategy 6.2: Work to secure in-kind sponsoring: Events, Media, Advertising, etc.
Strategy 6.3: Strengthen Community Outreach.

As noted in our name, we have two components of the grant; Tobacco Prevention and Tobacco Control.

Tobacco Prevention

The TPCC targets youth in its tobacco prevention efforts to counter predatory marketing. We offer educational prevention programs such as TATU and CATCH My Breath.  We also offer presentations that raise the issues of Tobacco 21, educate on the local ordinances passed by the city council that aid in the efforts of Tobacco prevention, and motivational interviewing to help with behavior change.  With tobacco use being the #1 preventable cause of death in the world, it is imperative that we arm ourselves and our youth with the tools necessary to defend against it!

Tobacco Control

The other area of focus for the TPCC is tobacco control; this is achieved through cessation and retail access programs. There are several programs available to those wishing to stop smoking, such as: FreshStartThe Smoking Cessation and Reduction in Pregnancy Treatment Program (SCRIPT), and Project EX.  We also offer a model tobacco policy as well as tobacco awareness presentations for your business or organization to help protect the community from the dangers of second hand smoke.


If you are interested in joining or finding out more information about our Adult or Youth Coalition click here.