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Beginning April 21, 2017 citizens are now able to view currently active and recently closed code enforcement cases for properties in Wichita Falls by going to the Code Enforcement webpage on the City of Wichita Falls website and clicking on the "Check Case Status" link in the left hand navigation menu. Citizens can also make a request or complaint on a property by clicking the "Make a Request / Complaint" link in the navigation menu.
On October 19, 2016 Officers from the Code Enforcement Division along with the Environmental Health Division assisted Animal Services execute a seizure warrant at a home in the 4100 Block of Wrangler Dr. There were a total of 324 animals removed from the home. Code Enforcement also issued notices for violations of the City's Rubbish, Trash and Unsanitary matter Ordinance, Outdoor Storage Ordinance and Zoning Ordinance related to Illegal Home Occupations.
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