Wilson Contracting began demolition on a property located in the 400 Block of Fillmore St. September 29, 2016 pursuant to a demolition order from the Wichita Falls City Council on October 20, 2015.

Effective Monday September 19, 2016 Code Enforcement will begin enforcing City Ordinance 28-2016 which was passed by City Council on August 16, 2016. The ordinance requires that all occupied dwellings be connected to an approved water supply system, and maintain a source of running potable water in residences. Upon receiving a complaint regarding violation of this ordinance, a Code Enforcement Officer will verify that the property is occupied and that there is not water from an approved system being supplied to the dwelling. The owner, tenant and/or occupants will receive notice either by mail or by a placard posted on the property informing them of the violation and providing 10 days to either vacate the premises or correct the violation by having water from an approved system supplied to the dwelling. If after 10 days it is found that the property has not been vacated and that water from an approved system has not been supplied and made available to the occupants inside of the dwelling, the owner, tenant or occupants may be cited and required to appear in Municipal Court.

On September 1, 2016 Code Enforcement assisted Property Management and Sanitation with the cleaning of a City trustee lot that has been used as an illegal dumping ground.