Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition (TPCC)

Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition (TPCC)
The Wichita County TPCC is a grant that has been charged with the duty of curbing tobacco use rates in Wichita County by 5% in 5 years. The grant offers many services and programs free of charge to the public.


The TPCC targets youth in its tobacco prevention efforts. This is accomplished through an evidence base education program called Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU). This is a mentor/mentee program where TPCC staff teach youth to become leaders/mentors. These trained teens then go on to teach younger children within their school districts or nonprofit organizations
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Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) is a peer-teaching prevention program offered through the American Lung Association. Adults are trained to work with high school students on the health hazards of tobacco use. This is an evidence based curriculum that allows youth to be trained about the ingredients in tobacco, the consequences of its use, the media's negative impact, and ways to use your voice to protect the next generation from the #1 preventable cause of death in the World!
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Youth Tobacco Prevention & Control Coalition (YTPCC) is program for youths age 12-18 (6th-12th grade) who are passionate about change in the community & dedicated to living tobacco free! 
                                                                                  Our vision
                                          A healthy community free from the harmful effect of tobacco. 
                          Creating a sustainable. tobacco free environment by using evidenced based
                         education and outreach within Wichita County focused on disparate populations.


The other area of focus for the TPCC is tobacco control; this is achieved through cessation and retail access programs. The grant currently offers the FreshStart smoking cessation program to any and all adults in the community free of charge. FreshStart is an evidence based smoking cessation program through the American Cancer Society. They are currently held once a month at the Wichita Falls/Wichita County Public Health District. Businesses or organizations can also make arrangements with our Health Educators, to have the program with a larger group.

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