Keeping It Green by Composting at the Hotter 'N Hell 100

You Can Compost While at the HHH

The City of Wichita Falls' Sanitation Division is heading up a composting effort during all HHH activities.

How can you help?

Dispose of all of your paper products, food scraps, and cotton rags in the compost bins located at the MPEC.
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Look for the Green Compost Barrels

Deposit your food scraps, paper products, and cotton rags in the Green Compost Barrels and your non-compostable items (cans, bottles, batteries, plastic...etc) in the Red Trash Cans.

The compostable items will then be taken to the City's compost facility and turned into some of the best compost in the state.

This compost is then given to City residents who participate in the City's recycling program and sold to various distributors.

Why Compost?

Its great for the environment! Approximately 66 percent of Wichita Falls’ solid waste is made up of organic material. When these wastes are buried in landfills, they create acidic leachate and methane gas, which adds to global warming. Composting returns organic matter to the soil. Composting is also an excellent soil conditioner for yards and gardens. Through regular use of compost the need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides can be reduced significantly. This saves money and reduces contamination of waterways and drinking water.