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Grant Funds Available
The 4B Sales Tax Corporation (STC) Board of Directors recently approved Downtown Incentive Grant Guidelines for improvements to downtown businesses. The grant is a 50% matching, $5,000 maximum award from the 4B Sales Tax Corporation STC. If a project application meets the guidelines, the grant can be administratively approved by City staff.
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Grant requests that do not meet these guidelines may be considered on a case by case basis by the 4B Board of Directors. For more information please call 940-761-7404. Grant Guidelines and Application Detailed Map

Community Development covers a wide range of functions vital to maintaining and growing a prosperous city. The divisions that are involved in these functions include: Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, Lake Lot Administration, Neighborhood Resources, Planning and Property Management.

Downtown Development Incentives Report
Learn more about the City's recommendations on incentives for commercial/retail development in the downtown Wichita Falls area through the Downtown Development Incentives Report. The report considers the implementation of the City’s adopted Vision 20/20 Plan and provides an update to a reports entitled “Local Development Incentives Options” prepared for the Wichita Falls City Council in July, 2006.
Building Inspections
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Phone: 940.761.7459
Email: Bobby Teague
Building and Code Administrator
Code Enforcement
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Phone: 940.761.8841
Email: Rita Miller
Code Enforcement / Housing Administrator
Property Management/Lake Lot Administration
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Phone: 940.761.8816
Email: Pat Hoffman
Property Management / Lake Lot Administrator
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Country Club Neighborhood 9-2009 002_thumb.jpg Neighborhood Resources
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Phone: 940.761.7448
Email: Michael Uriniak
Neighborhood Resources Administrator
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Phone: 940.761.7451
Email: Karen Montgomery-Gagne
Planning Administrator
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2010-2015 Consolidated Plan-PY 2010 Annual Action Plan
The 2010-2015 Consolidated Plan is a document that outlines a unified and strategic vision for providing decent housing, a suitable living environment, expanded economic opportunities for primarily low-moderate income households, and that serves as a basis for annual funding allocations as described in the Annual Action Plan.

For more information contact Neighborhood Resources
Phone: 940.761.7448