Organics Recycling-Green Curb Cart

Obtaining a Green Curb Cart
The City has a limited supply of Green Curb Carts, available for $3 a month to help fund the program, used strictly for ORGANIC MATERIAL. This material is gathered and turned into some of the finest compost in the state, FREE twice a year to program participants.

Contact the Sanitation Division at 761-7977 to see about availability. The composting program processes over 22,000 tons of compostable material each year; more carts will mean more compost.

Green Curb Cart Collection Days
Green Curb Carts are picked up every Wednesday except during the week of city holidays.

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Green Bin2.gif
What To Put In a Green Curb Cart
  • Grass Clippings
  • Wood, Limbs, Leaves
  • Kitchen Food Waste
  • Paper products: junk mail, cardboard, newspaper, paper plates, paper cups and magazines.
Please remember that the Green Curb Carts are for ORGANIC materials only. Thank you for making the program such a success.

What Not To Put In a Green Curb Cart

  • Plastic Bags
  • Dirt, Rocks, Concrete, Metal
  • Coals, Hot Ash
  • Styrofoam, Rubber, Metal, Plastic, Glass,
    Aluminum Cans, Bottles, Garden Hoses
  • Spray Cans, Paint, Solvents, Flammable
    Liquids or Oil.
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