Alarm Permits


The City of Wichita Falls requires all residences and businesses with burglar or panic alarms to be registered with the Police Department. Failing to register an alarm may result in penalties of up to $500 a day. The City of Wichita Falls Code of Ordinances Sec.42-155 states within the permit period, the permit holder shall pay a service fee of $50 for each false alarm notification in excess of (3) false alarms but fewer than (6). A $75  fee if the location has more than (5) false alarms but fewer than (8). A $100 fee if the location has (8) or more false alarms in the twelve-month period. In order to obtain your permit, you must print then fill out the Alarm Permit Form and submit your payment by check or money order to:

Public Safety Training Center

WFPD Alarm Section

710 Flood Street

Wichita Falls, Texas 76301


The Wichita Falls City Council has amended the Alarm Ordinance. Permits are valid for one year from the date they are issued. Renewal dates will vary by the date of issuance; However, an annual renewal application is automatically mailed out each year, and it is the responsibility of the permit holder to submit the application prior to the permit expiration date. Fees for Alarm Permits are $25 for Residential and $25 for Business. Renewal costs for both Residential and Business are $15.00.


If you have any questions, please call 940-720-5059 or e-mail Alarm Questions.

Alarm permits are regulated by City Ordinance 42-146 through 42-189.