Training Section

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Training Unit

The Wichita Falls Police Department’s Training Unit services the WFPD
and Law Enforcement throughout region. The Unit is staffed with a Sergeant and fI’ve Training Officers who conduct a TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) licensed 28 week basic police academy. The academy prepares recruits to be Police Officers who are knowledgeable in the enforcement of the laws of the State of Texas and ready to advance to the field training program. The academy provides the department a continuing pool of officers to fill the positions available within the department.

The Training Unit also completes tasks associated with the Police Academy including recruitment, testing, and background investigations. The Training Unit will complete the 76th Police Academy in September 2023 and start the recruitment and hiring process for the 77th Police Academy on October 2nd, 2024.

The Training Unit is responsible for In-Service training for the Wichita Falls Police Department to insure that all licensed officers receive their TCOLE 40 hours of mandated training courses every two years and required courses for advancement to Intermediate, Advanced, and Master certifications. The Training Unit also completes all weapons qualifications and less lethal update training for the department’s officers. The Training Unit also coordinates with the NORTEX Commission and brings in specialized training for WFPD Officers and officers from regional agencies.

The Training Unit is also staffed with one Civilian Telecommunicator Trainer who is responsible for training newly hired telecommunicators. This training is conducted for 6 weeks and provides a Basic Telecommunicator Certification for new employees entering the Communications Center.

The Training Unit oversees the Alarm Permit Program which includes billing, processing, and enforcement. The Training Unit is staffed with one secretary who multi-tasks with front lobby responsibilities that include walk in traffic from persons interested in fire, emergency management, police, and dispatch issues. The secretary also deals with the Alarm Permits Program and training reporting responsibilities to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.


To sign up for training courses please go to and enter your contact information for the course you would like to attend. You no longer need to fax or email a registration form to sign up for a course. When new courses are added, notifications and course flyers are sent out on our Training Mailing List. To be added to the Training Mailing List, contact Officer Walter Vermillion at or call 940-720-5041.


For information about career opportunities with the Wichita Falls Police Department please visit the Recruit Division.