Fire Station 1

Fire Station 1
Built in 1965, Station 1 underwent a major renovation in 2003. The Station is located at 1001 Bluff Street near the Downtown area of the city. The station houses 6 pieces of apparatus and has 11 men assigned per shift.

Engine 1
A 2007 Pierce with a 1250 GPM pump. It has two crosslays and two rear preconnects.

Truck 1
A 2008 Ferrara, 100 foot Aerial Platform. Truck 1 is a Quint with 1750 GPM capacity in the platform.

Battalion 1
A 2008 Ford Super-Duty pickup with camper shell and large slide-out. The battalion Chief and his Aid man the vehicle. The unit is outfitted with twin radios, front and rear, spare portable radios and on-board chargers, and an Eye-Witness Camera to record fire scenes for later review and critique.

Reserve Engine 21
A 1985 Pierce. This is one of the department's reserve Engines. It features a 1000 GPM pump.

Reserve Truck 21

A 1987 Sutphen, 65 foot platform quint. Truck 21 can be used as a reserve Aerial or as a reserve Engine. During fire academies, Truck 21 is used as the department's Training Apparatus.

Brush 1
A 1997 Chevy. It carries 300 gallons of water and has a 175 GPM auxiliary pump with 200 feet of booster line. Brush 1 also has 4-wheel drive capability. Brush 1 is a reserve Brush Truck.

Fire Station 1

Engine 1